Thursday, November 17, 2011

Please unicorn eat tacos with me, Please unicorn...

Yes, please do.

That title is the second top comment on the video for the dubstep remix of Passion Pit's sleepyhead, an awesome song in it's own right.  Who doesn't want a taco break with some unicorns, for realsies?

I'm a dubstep fan, and I'm not ashamed.  Chalk it up to my slow but constant ascent away from reality, as I become further and further embedded in the internet.  Some are going to argue that I may want to change 'ascent' to descent, and hey.  It's a roller coaster, brother.  I just hang on.

The second Rainey book is totes pau.  But I, in my infinite wisdom, have decided to christen my graduation and return to the mainland (after running away as hard as I could weeks?  My bad) with learning how to use Adobe Illustrator.  You know, so my book covers don't look like they were made by an angry walrus trying to follow up the 'hey girl' Ryan Gosling meme with clever MS Paint retorts (btw, the best 'hey girl' retort is def this one, although this is still by far the funniest OG of all time).

Not a lot else to report; I am writing.  A lot a lot.  But that's old news.  I think I will post an essay I wrote on writing (and painting--as that may explain somewhat my latest obsession) almost a decade ago up in this biz sometime soon, but I've been lazy about so many things lately.  It's okay.  These things are seasonal.

The Awesome at the End of This Blog is yet another youtube video.  I stumbled on this while obsessively watching Erykah Badu videos from the 90s--what can I say?  About five years ago My Morning Jacket played my hometown while I was home and it was an amazing show.  Nothing beats live music.  Not even the internet.  So this combo is just off the chain, no playin.