Saturday, April 16, 2011

There is a lot of whining in the post below, and a little awesome. Skip to the bottom for awesome.

I'm listening to my upstairs neighbors root around in the basement downstairs.  Supposedly we were going to have that little number to ourselves, but.  Such is the way of landlords.

So now they have access to two parking spots and three floors out of the house, while we are barely holding on to two spots and one floor.

I didn't actually start this entry to whine, but whining seems to interfere with a lot of what I'm doing lately; I think it's at least partially due to the fact that I wanted to have my book published by the end of March, and we are now halfway through April.  I am really grateful to the enormous number of people contributing to it's life, but having spread the necessary jobs around so thin I also find I'm biting my nails and working hard on respecting the pace of other folks.  In other words, publishing a book, so far, is a lot like having a wedding: you are dependent on the kindness of the people who love you, and thus very grateful while also nervous and hand-bitey and ready for the whole thing to be done.

My natural project speed, as I may have mentioned, is totally bipolar.  The book in question was written in roughly two weeks (55,000 words), edited in one, and is now waiting (2.5 months) for a couple additional comments/edits.  I'm ready to let Rainey go meet some new friends, basically.  And start writing about pirates.  Cause that's how.  I have two other books at roughly 30,000 words a piece and one that needs editing...and has for a year.  Tri-polar, maybe.  Quad-poltastic.

I found the following video via Bust; as always, a little caution is advised--not only because the articles on Bust may be better suited to Older Young Adults (acronym OYA, pronounced OH YEAH!) but because once are about to fall in love...over the internets.

You've been warned.  The associated blog is, as they say here in Massachusetts, wicked.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

In case you were curious:

I CANNOT get the song that starts in this video at 8:00 out of my head.  

You may recognize Darren Criss, of Glee fame, and Nick Lang, of Starkid fame (they are both really famed of the latter, or however that phrase should work), and if you don't, you are about to fall in lurve over the internets.  A dangerous business best avoided in most cases, but in this one, you won't be able to help yourself.

The song is in a play that has a Big Starkids Only theme, and I didn't want to link to it...on the bizarre off-hand chance that someday someone a lil too young for it will be reading this blog.  Hopefully, they will not have found this blog through my twitter account, where I have yet to successfully filter myself.  If, however, you do read my heathen thoughts there, you may remember that once upon a time I said I would gladly be a bigamist in the case of Joey Richter and Lauren Lopez, should they ever amorphize into a single beast with a name like...Lichtey Ropez.  For example.  In the Big Starkids Only play, Joey Richter sings this song to another beautiful, amazing starkid, Jaime Lyn Beatty...Thus the need for an awesomeness tag (really, a recursive awesomeness tag would be ideal, but.  There's only so much nerd I'm willing to cop to at any given time).

In case you were wondering (different, but similar, to a state of curiosity), I have no filter in real life.  My face is an open book, as the saying goes, and my mouth usually provides the footnotes, for better or worse.

I haven't yet had the time to make myself sit down and re-write the opening to Rainey's Mystery Numba One, which is the part I think needs the most work.  However, one of my good friends stayed up late to read it, and told me she loved it, and it needed to be published...So, this was a great week, in other words.

Back to business.  But seriously, see if you don't just find yourself humming this later...wait...just wait...there's something I need to say...