Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I am crying right now, no joke--I am so glad Vanessa's the one wearing the make-up here.

So, after two months, that might sound ominous, or even sad, but it's neither; I just discovered Who Do You Think You Are?, a show that follows celebrities as they trace their heritage.  It's a very American show, with the perfect mix of panache and self promotion and sincerity...And I just can't stop watching it.  It's a very heady mix for an emotional history nerd.  I'm watching the Steve Buscemi episode right now, and I might cry again.  Partly from joy and partly from horror, in both cases.  Our history, as a people, is very complicated.

But anyway.  I digress.

I finished the second Rainey book--it's out with the betas as we speak, and so far getting some good reviews.  I have less confidence in the success of this book because it's a bit riskier.  Being fourteen was really hard.  I didn't want to leave that unexamined, in the case of our lonesome little human heroine.

Other than that, I am shopping at the MIT flea market, studying for the National Boards, visiting my millions of wonderful relatives and friends, and attending weddings on mountaintops during hurricanes.  So not kidding.  It was rad until I got home and saw all the sad news in Vermont.

I will have to return with a more flamboyant post in the near future--I'm thinking about writing one on making covers.  But to do it, I have to finish working on the new covers.  Sigh.

I hope whoever might be reading this is well!  Check out those shows, if you like nerdery.

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