Wednesday, July 6, 2011

So...I published a book.

Well.  I mean, I think I did.

The technical aspects of self-publishing (which, in my case, is misapplied since I totes couldn't have done this without copious amounts of all kinds of help, technical and otherwise) are daunting.  My brilliant and patient friends and family, some of whom are in the acknowledgements of said book, are really responsible for pretty much everything.  But I'll talk about the actual process of getting this published some other time, and try to make sure I'm not just repeating things other smart folks have already explained.

Oh my gosh.

Currently Rainey Monroe's first adventure, called Scarcer Than Hen's Teeth, is available on Amazon and Smashwords.  If you happen to like .99 cent mysteries that feature humorous hillbilly (and human) fourteen year old detectives facing the kind of dire odds we all do in high school--but with a twist....wink'll probably like this story.  Personally, I really like Rainey.  She would've been exactly who I would've wanted as a friend when I was trying to navigate the beginning of growing up.   And she probably would be someone I'd want to have as a friend now, too, while I'm thinking about it.  Who doesn't need more sassy friends, right?

If you happen to read my book, a review would be super cool.  Good or bad, whatevs.  It's cool.

By the by: if you are not a member of the OYA (Older Young Adult) Club--and even if you are--you may want to explore the 'prude filter' on Smashwords.  I am so not kidding.  I am 31, married, and yikes.  Totes don't believe in censoring the actual authors of said books...but...please, god, censor my brain and make me forget some of those titles.  So.  Moving on.

Aaaand...I'm not quite egotistical enough to claim my book as the Awesome at the End of My Blog,'s something I've been really liking lately:

I'm not sure how y'all feel about electronica, so it may not be everyone's cup of tea.  However, if such is the case, perhaps you are into...Australia?  Or, perhaps, hexacopters?  Might be a quadcopter, but still, thats what we're watching.  So.  Awesome.  Also, I thought it might be the dumbest name ever for a band, and then I felt like a big ole jerk when I found out the gal--that's right, one Norwegian chick, how rad is that?--who is Mr. Little Jeans named her project after a character from Rushmore, one of my Favorite Movies of All Time Ever.  So, perhaps we double dip today, and I leave you with this quote from the film, which, PS, is basically the summation of all my rebuttals when I get down on myself about grad schoolery, or life, or writing:

Bill Murray is in love with Olivia Williams, as is Jason Schwartzman (I mean really though, who isn't, amirite?).  The latter--an ambitious playwriting prep school kid--has talked the former--a wealthy but miserable businessman--into building a massive aquarium to impress this woman, in the ways of such indie films.  A conversation between the pair as they scheme and compete, vying for her affections:

Max Fischer: How the hell did you get so rich? You're a quitter, man! 
Herman Blume: I spent eight million dollars on this. 
Max Fischer: And is that all you're willing to spend? 

Well put, my friend.  Words to live by.

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  1. Congratulations on your self-published work! One day, when I have my very own Kindle, I shall check it out. I wish you well with your writing. : )

    Sharon (Goodreads)