Saturday, March 12, 2011


Dr. Amy Lehman was profiled in The Daily Beast a while back, and when I read her story, I was immediately enthralled with her crazy, amazing, ambitious, tattooed mission.

I am generally wary of falling in love over the internets, but I kinda lurve her anyway.

Her story is intriguing also because it involves the recreation of self after a major disappointment, which all of us can relate to, I'm sure.  Her right arm was damaged as a child by a neurological disorder, and she is unable to perform surgery; as a thoracic surgeon, however, she's more than qualified and capable of fueling a new dream across the Atlantic Ocean and into Lake Taganyika.  She's created a whole new level of awesome by fusing the power of her imagination with reality.  As a writer, I gotta love it, and as a human being, I can't help but be a little bit in awe.

This photo was lifted from here, which is also a recap of The Daily Beast's Women in the World Summit.  Some of their speakers I find shrug-worthy, but others are definitely going to find their way into a future post as heroes I unwittingly swoon over.  Not sure how they'll feel about it, but that's kinda what blogs are for.  If someone is magically patrolling the internets and sees this, today is the last day of live broadcasts from the summit!  Check it out, it's a lot of awesome at once.

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