Sunday, March 6, 2011

Taking a cue from the greats...

I'm following in the footsteps of Amanda Hocking and creating a blog early on, to try and keep track of what, how much, when and why I write...with the hope that some day these words will help somebody else the way reading her blog helped me.

I've always written fiction.  Always, always, always--I was a fanfic nerd backinnaday, really, because the first thing I ever made was a giant illustrated adventure of my My Little Ponies that I got a day-care worker named Heather to transcribe for me.

Wow, maybe that is not the way to kick this thing off ;)

Whatever!  I'm totes a nerd.  I said totes.

My goal right now is to crank out another three thousand words on my second Bad Magic book.  I want to try and finish the Raya series by summer (first drafts, only--I'm not that crazy), and have the first three Bad Magics completed.

It was really hard getting that sentence down somewhere other folks could potentially (maybe, perhaps, it's possible) see.  Deep breath.

Okay, back to writing.  It's a rainy Sunday, so it's the perfect day to do this anyway :)

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